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Dessert Parlour

Dessert Parlour

Our fun and exciting dessert range! Let your tastebuds be mesmerised!!

Specialising in R&D using our teas and unique Japanese ingredients, we have created a vast range of desserts for retail and food service. 


Soft serve ice cream mixes: 1.5kg bags. Flavours: Hokkaido Milk, Premium Matcha, Premium Hojicha.

***you must have a soft serve ice cream machine. Dry mixes which we export globally. 


Premium Gelato Range: the best of 3: using Italian methods and Australian dairy and Japanese flavours, our premium gelato range is mouthwatering. Ranging from unique flavours such as Sakura, Okinawa beni imo, Kinako, Premium Matcha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Yuzu, Sake etc we have you covered. 5L tubs for food service, soon 500ml for retail will be available. OEM of gelatos. Get in touch for more info. 


Japanese cheese cake range: Shizuoka Matcha cheesecake, Hojicha cheesecake, Yuzu baked cheesecakes and more.... OEM of cakes for food service, various sizes, flavours.

Supporting our Shizuoka confectionary: a range of "hachi no ji" figure 8 cookies from Shizuoka, Japan.

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